Calatrava speaks.

In Miami you need to be somebody, who knows somebody that has a friend that is somebody to see a lecture of the guy that is somebody. Calatrava sure is somebody. Last night, Calatrava’s friend, who’s friends with my dad, who’s also friends with the CEO of CrispinPorter+Bogusky, who’s also on the board of the Harvard Business Club, organized an intimate lecture to be done by Calatrava at the famous CP+B office. And it was wonderful! Calatrava is probably one the most respected artist/architect/engineer, and my mom and I, along with 80 or so others, had the honor to hear him speak.


1st. I was personally introduced to him by my dad’s Friend.

2nd. He signed a book that my mom had the brilliant idea of purchasing before the lecture. And his signature rules.


3rd. He was asked “can you compare and contrast the difference between working in Europe vs. working the US?” And he responded beautifully, ” Europe has so much history. I love working here because the US is our time.”

4th. We took a picture together! Which is awesome.


Few of the people from my office...

Few of the people from my office...


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