Not such a bad place, at all. But why is it that every time i meet someone new they aren’t from here? Is it possible that a city itself is ‘Lost in Translation’? Miami, as it stands now, is a place where there are doctors and lawyers. There are no major corporations (except for Burger King), no major banks, no State of Florida governments. We are made of the branches. Miami is a branch of the major cities of the United States. You are either a passerby, or a tourist, or a mom, married to either a doctor or a lawyer. That is not to generalize the four hundred and something thousand people that actually make up the population of Miami. But for me, 26 years of age, living in Downtown, working for a small architecture firm, as an architect that is, it isn’t necessarily the place where you actually meet someone who’s from here, works here, and plans to stay here!
And if they are, you probably went to highschool with them, and happen to just not be interested, at least for now.

Nevertheless, it’s a very fun place. And due to the fact that no one actually lives here, there tend to be lots of visitors, which means lot’s of fun weekends!
Also, to Miami’s benefit, We get maybe 1 to 2 days of really cold weather a year. And by really cold i mean high 30’s, low 40’s. That one day to me is hell, an entire season would be suicidal.
PEOPLE…move here already. Get over the cold.
BTW- want to congratulate my best friend David for moving to NY last year, and actually making the move back to MIA…can’t wait!

oh boy...

one of David's many visits

Reason for the many visits to MIA...

Reason for the many visits...


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