Thank You V-day!

For the past 3 years  I was lucky enough to spend Valentine’s day with someone. This valentine’s day I’m lucky to spend it with me! ( and rufus of course, and my friend Carolina, and all her guests at her babyshower). Is valentine’s day overated? Is it just an excuse to do something nice for each other? Hey, maybe it is but why not take a freeby if u can get one. Currently single, I found Valentine’s Day to be more exciting then when i was in a relationship.

First, i did the keratin to my hair! Bye Bye frizz…Then i went to shower my best friend’s Baby with love and soon presents. The greates thing about events (i.e. showers, bachelorettes, engagements) done by Venezuelans is the food. Shocking how in a society where each girl is thinner then the next, every possible desert you can think of will be catered. And of course, i couldn’t say no to any!

Soon after I left, I learned that Adam (Carolina’s first son) cried histerically once i walked out the door! YES… I think i won him over! And i think it was either the walk outside, or the 300 blueberries i fed him?!?!?! and maybe a cookie here and there…


Next President of US- Adam Franklin Esayag Hausmann


And last, my friend Cheryl, decided to cook dinner for our friend Steph and me. After an awesome stuffed pepper, Valentine cookies from Publix that is, and 3 bottles of wine, we were ready to go out! Wow…that’s a bottle per person…


Fabulous Jewelry Designer and now Chef Cheryl Lynn

Visit for her collection!


Gorgeous and brilliant Lawyer Steph


Anyway, what a fun night. A night where there were beautiful people out.  A night where you’re likely to meet somebody, because everyone out knows you’re not with anybody! People’s confidence levels are high, everyone is playing the same game, and everyone is looking to score!

And yet ,a night where the one guy who draws your attention, happens to NOT be from here! I guess it’s the perfect weekend to go away! Putting the miles aside, if there’s no one else there, take advantage of the company for the time being! And so I did. I even got a date out of it! I’ll let you know how it goes…

Until then, here’s a cheers to a fabulous night out with 2 great girls, at the very hip Gansevoort Rooftop, and the perfect weather! PS- no frizz all night!


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