Date 1, or does this count?

Last Monday night i had my date with the “miles away boy”, and not just him, 2 of his friends as well. Dinner at UVA69, on 69th and Biscayne created the perfect setting. A very low key restaurant with a great selection of wine, a lovely outdoor seating area, and extremely good food for very reasonable prices. Before 2 of them picked me up, my mom was very hesitant about the situation “Jenny, you don’t know who they are? Why don’t you take your car?”, i can honestly say i was probably a little nervous but due to the fact that one is a doctor and the other a scientist, both Jews if i may add, i didn’t feel like taking my car was necessary. Since they both knew i had done the keratin treatment to my hair (one conversation from Saturday night), i asked them to roll the windows up a bit. We all of a sudden indulge in a conversation of the hair molecule and how a straightening treatment works. You see, i think i learned, and please correct me if i’m wrong ( i have time to blog but not to research), that hair itself is made up of many many layers, with keratin underneath (which is protein) that tends to be curly. Very interesting on one hand, and on another hand, I knew i was right in not taking my car!

Anyway, dinner was excellent, conversations were fluid and extremely interesting through the night, and the company was actually quite fun! See, that is what’s great about Miami. You meet somebody, who knows somebody new to you, and sooner then later, you build your network! As for my date, he turned out to be a great guy! We definitely hit it off, and I would definitely go out again, if he lived here rather then 6 hrs on a plane and 3 hrs behind. But really, you never know, LA for sure has a blog of it’s own and it sure is good to know people everywhere! We ended the night at The  New’s north of the Design District at the 55th Street Station, with a very fun game of pool which we lost due to me missing the 8 ball.After helping my team tremendously in putting some balls in the holes, not even the 8 ball would have answered NO to me getting it in! Shooting pool for sure has a science behind it, and an architect, a doctor, and the scientist himself, didn’t study that one in school!

Tomorrow night I leave Miami, and head to the big Apple. Looking forward to a fantastic weekend, but will sure miss the Miami weather!


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