eggwhite omelet with a side of whole wheat toast.

There are moments in your life when everything is so clear, it’s almost as if it was perfectly calculated. You have the perfect band to listen to (KOL my new obsession), you have your best friends to talk to, you have the right amount of work to do in order to be productive and yet not overworked so you’re able to do everything with great execution.

img_2015You have your dog, in my case Rufus, who is so happy for you to come home, and can’t stand the sight of you leaving. And, unfortunately for Rufus, you have New York.  It’s moments like these that really make you aware of how alive you truly are. You’re young, you’re flexible, you’re batteries rarely run out. You’re living your life, and you have great people to share it with.

Friday was a perfect NY day, maybe a little too cold, but just perfect. Started out visiting the MOMA, where few paintings caught my attention. OOF by Edward Ruscha in 1962, I Still Use Brushes by Arman in 1969, Diver by Jasper Johns in 1962-63, and One: Number 31 by Jackson Pollock in 1950.

img_1868In times when people are greatly affected by an economic depression, where you are possibly juggling the idea of having to leave your country due to socialism, where you are forced to be separated from your baby after carrying him/her so close to your heart for 9 months, where love isn’t what you thought it was but really just a perception of your imagination, OOF, in a way, is very refreshing. To see it. Knowing that you are NOT the only one battling an obstacle. That there are others, many others, fighting just as hard. Harder and maybe more impacting life experiences. OOF. There is some comfort.

In a world where creativity, technology, romance, and money, (to name a few) can take you so far, forgetting the basics is so easy. Remembering what makes you who you are, and what got you where you are can be forgotten so quickly when the NEW comes in. img_1871

It is true one wants to live in the NOW but paying homage to what gets you there is so important. Whether that something is a person, a pet, a gain, or a loss. Deep down inside of you it will always be part of you. No matter how hard you try to cover it. Or how much you try to replace it. I Still Use Brushes, in a way, pays homage to how we got there. It doesn’t matter how how we do it. In the way of Arman, who probably used brushes at one point in his life as a media, he finds a way to use them again. And though not used the same way, he’ll never forget.

Probably the most symbolic painting at the MOMA for me this trip, at this moment in my life, was Jasper John’s Diver. Maybe I’m caught right now in a time where society has a major impact on my life. Are we living in a bubble? Is there a way out? It seems that humans are given one shot at life. We are here to do the best we can for the time we have. At the same time, we are hit by moments in life that may not be so easy to handle. Bumps along the road. What we do to overcome them and how we strive to come out on top is what is key. Knowing that eventually we will overcome it, helps. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, or is there? In the Diver, there is a sense of helplessness that I think everyone feels at one point in their life. It’s critical to be able to step outside of one self and breathe. One… two… thr-e-e.

There is a way out. It will take strength. Hope. Time.

Time is of the essence, it’s the one constant we are given. Yes, we all know we are going to die, but when? Time, we have no control over. So yes, we will hurt. We will cry. We will feel. But we have to move forward. There is only one way to go. We move forward the same way the words fill the paper, the walls are repainted, the diver swims back out. Jasper John’s Diver, although I believe has different intentions, can be seen as a precise moment captured in time. The moment we don’t want to see the light, the moment we all experience at some point in our lives. A sense of suffocation, frustration, impotence. Whether we want to face it or not. I am going to face it. Now. Because I know there is only one way out! And the clock is still ticking.


Pollock, one of my favorite artists of the abstract expressionist era, has a way of capturing the essence of life. At least in my eyes. Every drop of paint, from the moment it is sitting in the bucket, to the moment it touches the brush, to the way it shifts with the brush movement, to it’s moment in still air, to the exact second it makes contact with the canvas, until it stands still, is alive. The canvas is then filled with all this matter, and together, while seen from far forms a living surface. A landscape, a city, a world. Each one of the spots, the lines, the drops, is us. We are all put on this earth to co-exist with one another. Along our paths, we may cross, or we may not. But it is at a precise moment that we are aware of where we are standing. Possibly why we’re here. It’s at a precise moment that everything does seem clear. Where we do see the light, and where we actually feel the need to reach it.


After a lovely time at the museum, I met my girlfriend Melissa at café Habana, and had a taste of my heaven. A perfectlyimg_1888 grilled corn on the cob with chilly powder and cheese.

After, we walked around NY’s hot neighborhood SOHO, and later met my friend Ari for coffee at Café Angelique. One of the greatest things New York has to offer, aside from it’s culture of course, is the transportation system. It’s a guarantee that you will be able to do all the things you had planned to do that day!

That night, my friend’s Nick and Noah came over to Jayne’s apt. where I was staying for a preparty cocktail, and we then went to a fashion week party. Loved being able to wear my Max Azria black fancy skirt and Jayne’s awesome Levi’s Plaid shirt. Anything flies in NY. After the party, we made a quick stop at bagel factory, where I was able to rebuild my alcohol tolerance for the night, and ended in one of NY’s coolest spots, Back Room. The place takes you back to the prohibition era, where drinks are served in tea cups, the ceilings are copper and very ornate, a fire place remains intact, and mirrors make up parts of the wall. Don’t even think of trying to get into the “back room” unless you’re friends with the owners (or so I hear), or you are extremely nice to the guy by the ‘back door’ who happens to have family in Pembroke Pines, which is a few miles away from where you actually grew up, as was my case. So I got in! Definitely would have been more fun, if I actually had some one else to hang out with. But since I was challenged to try to get in, I had to do it alone.

img_1891 img_1904img_1907 img_1902

The trip ended with the purpose as to why I went to NY in the first place. Back in December, about 40 alumna from my highschool got together to do one last Musical performance. The ReUnion Show. After 2 months of much excitement over what is now a long lasting memory, about 12 of us got together on Sunday to watch the dvd. It was, I think, everything we hoped it would be. Considering we only had 2 days to put it together. We laughed, some cried, we drank! We had a moment. A good one.

img_1948 img_1956

You see, life will sure remind you of who you are, and where you come from, even if you don’t want it to, or weren’t expecting it. Such as I wasn’t expecting it when I received the call about 8 months back to do the choreography for the show. But through each and every one of those moments, there is something new to learn. Something to gain. New people to meet. Old memories to remember, new memories to create. New laughs to be laughed, new tears to be cried. And yet, one push to the next moment. The next moment to get to and the next moment to come across. Never looking back in regret, but always in appreciation for the moments you’ve lived have taken you to where you are, and where you will be.

I didn’t meet the man of my dreams in NY, nor did I win the lottery (how’s that for wishful thinking?), but I see now that I may not be in Miami at the wrong time. I am here now. And I know that I want to be here now. I was just bumped into the next moment. And I will share it with you when that comes along. As for the title, maybe I’ll actually get to that at a later post. For now, I’ll be at Level25 enjoying a great Spanish wine, while watching a Spanish Pinxtos cooking demonstration. VALE!

PS- Here’s a few more pics from the trip worth posting:

img_1918 img_1921img_1923 img_1931

img_1912 img_1917img_1916



2 responses to “eggwhite omelet with a side of whole wheat toast.

  1. Dear Daughter:
    Jorge Luis Borges, one of the most brilliant writers of the past century, wrote a poem entitled “Instants”. Life is just a sum of instants; good ones and bad ones; happy ones and sad ones; poor ones and wealthy ones.
    God makes your sum of the possitives ones!

  2. dear sister:
    you are so adorable,
    but your spelling is simply terrible.
    nonetheless, i adore you.

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