Ohhh, the BREEZES

When 13 girls get together in the Bahamas, it means nothing but good good times!!!!

Last weekend we celebrated 2 Bachelorettes in Nassau and I reunited with 8 of my girlfriends from high-school. Due to such a high number of people, and a terrible terrible recession, we chose the Breezes as our destination. Not the kind of place you want your parents to go to, but definitely the spot for a Bachelorette, especially if you are there to make the best of it no matter what.

The breezes is your typical all inclusive resort that was built years before we were born, with your cheapest vodka on call, and food that tastes really good when your starving. It’s that place that has a wrestling contest in the middle of the day, trapeze classes from 3 to 5, and captain Ron offering scooba diving for free on his boat the Ninja (well, only cause you already paid for it).

All in all, the Breezes was perfect. We celebrated the bachelorettes the 24 hours of the day. Between food and sun and drinks and dares, and more food and sun and clubs and drinks again of course, we barely had time to rest.

Although most of the girls live in NY and keeping contact with them has been tough through the years, it was as if we saw each other yesterday. And some things never change, we laughed at one another as well as with each other. We brought back old memories, immersed in conversations of life experiences, that though each have their own case, are very similar none-the-less, and even learned more about each other then we expected. While our trip planner, Amanda, brought a shirt to match the drapes, Nicole according to ‘Dan’ wore an extremely oversized shirt for her body, Megan’s feet inflated due to too much sun, and Candice made D’Funk, the entertainer, fall in love with her, I had Halls. You see, last week I was laid off from my job, and the only thing I seemed to grab from my desk was a bag of halls. I guess it’s true what they say, It is the little things, but that’ll be for another post!


We truly had an amazing weekend. We are so fortunate to have each other. Some that are going through the same as you, some that already did and have insight, some that are there to just make you laugh. Some that you know will be looking for you, while you decide to go make-out with a boy. Somehow, exactly who you needed was on that trip, and it made it all the better.

Of course we complained when it was ‘breezy’ while laying out, when the cheap vodka after a day and a half tasted disgusting, and when we had to collect 5 bucks from each one of us for the cab ride to Atlantis just to see the prettier people in town. But looking back, not a single complaint is to be made. All the pros and cons of the trip itself, made the weekend a very memorable moment. Personally, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me! And I will definitely see that weekend, as one more push in this bump that I’m on!!! And for the next drink I have, which hopefully will be a few days, I send JENn GHERSI love to all the girls on that trip!



2 responses to “Ohhh, the BREEZES

  1. Ahhh i love this Jenny!!

  2. Jenny! ahhhh, the infamous ‘throw them bows’ fall did not make it!!!!! yesssss. Love, love this – feels very culminating and love your writing style – maybe this should be the new path???????

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