Hasta La Pasta…

For the past four and a half years I have had the pleasure and honor of working for Max Strang Architecture. Max, 38 years old from Winter Haven Florida, studied Architecture at University of Florida and later went on to receive his master’s from Columbia University. Having worked for Zaha Hadid and Shop Architects, he returned to Florida to dig into his roots for inspiration as he established his practice. Max was greatly influence by the modern movement created by the Sarasota School of Architecture. He grew up in a house designed by Gene Leedy and after having graduated from UF, interned with the man himself.  In his designs, he connects the natural and the man made through the use of local materials such as oolite and keystone. He adds to the palette natural woods to make the transition from earth to material less noticeable. Max also allows for the substance to play their role, as for concrete, he will make it a point to show you that it’s strong and most probably supporting a large portion of the structure. The same way, glass would be very delicate and as transparent as its true state. Very rarely does he cheat your eye. He tells the story like it is.
Extremely sad my time there has come to an end, at least for now, I want to pay homage to the time I was there. At Max’s office we had a family. It was a place where there were no secrets, lots of laughs, and most importantly a close team. Together we accomplished deadlines that were thought to be impossible, delivered drawings we didn’t think we could do, and accomplished a few projects that I hope Max can be proud of. I sure am!
With everything in his heart to make him an extraordinary architect, I have no doubt that Max Strang will accomplish everything he would like to and more. I hope we will get to work together again in the future, and that I aspire to be as true to myself and what lies ahead of me, as he is to his theories and practice of Architecture!

Here are a few images of Max’s work, and if you’re interested in consulting with him, talk to me so I can work with him again!!! Thanks…Rock House. Coconut Grove, FL



Latterner Residence. Coconut Grove, FL






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