A “hit” turns into a “hit-on”

Just when you think your life sucks…a few reminders pop up saying that it doesn’t. Today, i went into my office to finish up a few things and parked my car at a meter on the street. When the time ran out, i went back down to buy some more. It just so happened that a guy was parking behind me and happen to hit my car. Unfortunately for him, i happened to be there to witness it.  No damages were done to my car, and the guy was very apologetic. I laughed it off and told him it was going to cost him my meter ticket. He said he’ll take the offer, and continued with “‘I’ll take your phone number too”. I responded “that one’s not so easy”, and he then commented that his girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy. After he bought my meter time, and countless apologies I went back up to work.

I later got a call from David, who happens to be in town for meetings, that he wanted to take the boat out! I left the office and found this on the windshield wiper of my car:


And that for sure turned my day around…

To follow, Me and David went out on the boat in a perfect Miami day. 78 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and and a very calm sea. We parked the boat at the Key Biscayne Sandbar and soaked up the sun. It just doesn’t get better then this!



One response to “A “hit” turns into a “hit-on”

  1. thats my favorite boat.

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