Thirty, Flirty, and Diamond Studs!

Turning 30 can be a scary thing for most women, for my friend Cheryl, it was perfect! Last weekend was Cheryl‘s 30th birthday and somehow we got away with surprising her. All she said she wanted was for what ever we did to be a surprise, meanwhile asking her sister Rebecca (my best friend from  high school), her friends, parents, and myself what we had planned. The girl finally learned, after  30 years, that she hates surprises. And we finally learned that we hate surprising her!

We started out a group of 13 of her closest friends, and parents at dinner in Scarpetta, a fabulous Italian restaurant at the famous Fontainebleu Hotel. The restaurant itself has a nautical theme, with very intriguing architectural details such as the cove lighting in the ceiling, and modern organic columns around the perimeter. The colors are very crisp white, beige, and blues. And seldom you will see very impressive mosaic tiled walls through out, that give the restaurant a sophisticated, classy, and vacationy feel to it. The food I found to be exquisite, and from what I heard, not terribly priced, unless of course you end up drinking like it’s your 30th birthday! 294005859209_0_albThey say diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, and for Cheryl, the jewelry 345074859209_0_albdesigner, this is true! She received for her birthday diamond stud earrings which will under the right lighting , blind you! They are stunning, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be modeling earrings from her collections, since I don’t think she’ll be able to take those studs off for a while!

The night followed in an unbelievable suite where we had about 20 more guests there to surprise her! Yes, she was surprised, and maybe even a little timid. But soon enough she got comfortable and it seemed the years were finally guiding her through the night. img_2275img_2284

We ended the night at Blade, which is a Japanese restaurant that later turns into the lounge by the pool. The weather was, yet again, perfect, the company fantastic, and Cheryl, happier then ever. I can honestly say, about 3 years away, that I hope to be as comfortable with where my life is by the time i’m 30, as Cheryl is. She was glowing, and not because of the earings, although i think they might have something to do with it. She was glowing because she is actually very happy in her own skin, doing the jewelry thing, taking pilates and hitting the gym. Hanging out with her dogs Chilli and Pepper and her cat Jello Kitty, and sharing this moment in her life with me, and the rest of the people there also!

The next day Cheryl, Rebecca, and I went to the pool at the Gansevoort and had lunch there. Cheryl promised that from that day forward, she was not going to be difficult! Thus far, it has been true!!! And the fact that she said it herself allows for us to call her out next time she is!!! Watch out Cheryl…Love you, and happy happy happy 30 years on this place called earth…










3 responses to “Thirty, Flirty, and Diamond Studs!

  1. Hi this blog is great I will be recommending it to friends.

  2. ya, this blog is great!
    i will be recommending it to my sister.

  3. This blog rocks. I will be reccomending it to that girl with the nice smile and pretty curly hair at the office. She likes girly things like soccer and manicures.

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