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we’re all suckers for the juice!!!



As it turns out, i actually read Twilight, and New Moon by Stephenie Meyer. I certainly see where all the obsession amongst teenage girls or even girls my age comes from.  But let’s be real, not the best written books, and definitely could use a good 4 rounds of editing.

On a more positive note, I actually enjoyed the 2 i read thus far. It’s so easy to get caught up in the most craved romance by every single woman. We want the love at first sight, the butterflies with every glance, and the most passionate sexual connection. We want what Bella and Edward have.

Having recently finished New Moon, i was wondering if we really can feel when someone else feels for us.  At the end of New Moon, after Bella had stopped living during the time Edward was gone, and after she found a way to live without him through Jacob and her extreme sports, and even after she runs to Italy with Alice to save the immortal kid from death, Bella comes to a realization. She realizes that the entire time she believed Edward was over her, deep down inside of her she knew he wasn’t. It is the Romeo and Juliet kind of love, as she says it herself.

Can we really feel so strongly the feelings someone else could have for the other? It’s so easy to think, when the connection between two people is so strong, that the other feels just as strongly as you do. But, when they aren’t showing it, such as when Edward disappears from Bella’s life, how can we actually believe that? Pleeeaaase…

I recently saw this boy i had a fling with, and i believe like Bella believes, that he truly does have feelings for me. I am choosing to ignore them, because he’s not here right now. I will deal with it if i ever have to. But boys, for the record, if your not interested, do not keep dangling on with your pathetic text messages or random phone calls. It is ridiculous. Yes, the game is extremely fun when both players are playing it, but if you see the sparks are only one sided, then put the fire out. You actually win a better game and the other player doesn’t lose so badly. And if you are interested, then man up!

The books are definitley good “chick lits” and sure proves we can all be suckers. But ladys, let’s not get caught up in all the nonsense of Bella and Edward. Please do not go saving your boy’s life because deep down inside you think he has feelings for you, and will appreciate it. He’ll just end up thinking you’re crazy! There is a reason why Edward is a vampire…


Worst joke, which isn’t even a joke, ever…

The previous post was a countdown to my sister’s arrival. Well, she’s in Costa Rica right now for a wedding, and she’ll still be arriving this Friday. Due to Jessica’s extreme lack of communication, she will not find out that i will not be seing her due to a last minute trip to LA. Yes, I’m going to LA to live a little!!! For about 6 days.

So, Jessica will get off the plane extremely happy to see me, and i will not be there. Cruel, cruel joke. But if she would only call from Costa Rica, she’d find out, and be prepared!

Anyway, I’ll be seeing her in NY June 11th, and then will be going back with her to Montreal, so she’ll have to get over this if she has a problem with it!

As for the countdown, it can continue for all my Miami readers that are awaiting her arrival:

Days left!!!!

Days left!!!!

sister’s arrival countdown

days left...

days left...

ny + brunch + david’s 29th + champagne + awesome friends + more food and champagne + ridiculous apt. – ME = not THAT much fun???i

When your best friend turns 29, and you are not there to witness it, the least i can do is blog about it. So here’s to David’s 29th Birthday!!!!

Of course i wasn’t there because it was in NY and being that i am unemployed, i do not have the luxury of escaping for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. Shitty for me. Not so shitty for me, he has a job that pays the bills and is actually flying in tomorrow!

Anyway, from what i have gathered off of facebook, David’s birthday was a messy, sloppy, candid, funny, loud, obnoxious, dirty, crazy,  good old time!!! LOOOOOVE IT… Even though i wasn’t there.

I compiled from a girl’s album the pictures i thought best depicted the event.

And just one complaint from me down here in sunny south Florida, why haven’t i been to that sick apartment? who’s is it? and is he single??? Oh, and for the next one, you should fly me up 🙂



Another one bites the dust…And a whole lot of crap i’ve been thinking about lately…

When 2 people decide to come together as one, all things are set aside. Roy, a very good friend from my childhood, from Caracas, Venezuela, Jewish, with Israeli background, and Mae, a gorgeous Colombian from Bogota raised Catholic, met a few years back in Miami. Over the years they have grown together in the most fluid way. While distant,  Mae fell in love with Roy and Judaism, as Roy fell in love with Mae. And no states in between would keep them apart. Both involved in the numbers world, realized no crazy math was  necessary for the 2 of them to be together for ever.  A simple sum of 1 plus 1.

Although I have lost 2 on my team, and who’s talking about me, I could not be happier that the 2 of them have truly found their soul mate!!!  Mae and Roy tied the knot on March 30th under Jewish law. The ceremony was spectacular. The bride glowed amongst the wedding party of all men, and the  groom shined as he saw his wife walking down the aisle.

Many people flew in from Colombia, Venezuela, NY, Boston, even Israel, to share this special day with 2 people that truly have always been there for their friends, let alone one another. No need to say that it was one of the best parties I’ve been to, most of the people there would agree I had a blast. But so did everyone else. People met knew people, danced together through the night, definitely exchanged kisses, and possibly even numbers.  One could say that the energy from Roy and Mae was so strong that people themselves couldn’t retain the love. Although much gossip came about all this, it really is amazing what the love that 2 people have for one another can do to you. We all seem to be looking for that one to share the rest of our lives with, but maybe even more when you are partaking in an others’ wedding day.

It’s amazing, at least in my case, how we come to a point where we know to a certain extent exactly what we want. These days on the dating scene, I’m no longer prolonging a relationship just to be in one. On that note, I’ve noticed, the guys I actually decide on are either unavailable or are just good for the time I need them, no hurt feelings of course.  And the ones that happen to be interested and some what interesting, I kick to the curb. Selfish, stupid,  I know, but at the same time, one could say that I might be having too much fun being single, and not ready to actually cross the fence myself. It seems easy to find a guy to kiss the night your best friends are getting married. Why not just do that then? Do we have something to lose?

Alcohol present, we grasp on to the idea of happiness for that one moment.  It becomes easy to lose touch of what we really want when there is someone of the opposite sex willing to play with you.  And unfortunately for some, the ones that actually have feelings involved, we  do the unimaginable, or act on what we promised we wouldn’t act on.  We give in. Why? For who? If what we want is soooo clear, why do we put it last? Is the game, really worth the medal? That being if you win?

Love really was in the air at Roy and Mae’s wedding!!! And no matter how  the night went for you,  in the end, in the real end, it will only smooth sail. Mazal Tov to Mae and Roy for tying the knot, and may all the ones on this side of the fence be as happy as the the bride and groom were on their night and will always be!