ny + brunch + david’s 29th b.day + champagne + awesome friends + more food and champagne + ridiculous apt. – ME = not THAT much fun???i

When your best friend turns 29, and you are not there to witness it, the least i can do is blog about it. So here’s to David’s 29th Birthday!!!!

Of course i wasn’t there because it was in NY and being that i am unemployed, i do not have the luxury of escaping for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. Shitty for me. Not so shitty for me, he has a job that pays the bills and is actually flying in tomorrow!

Anyway, from what i have gathered off of facebook, David’s birthday was a messy, sloppy, candid, funny, loud, obnoxious, dirty, crazy,  good old time!!! LOOOOOVE IT… Even though i wasn’t there.

I compiled from a girl’s album the pictures i thought best depicted the event.

And just one complaint from me down here in sunny south Florida, why haven’t i been to that sick apartment? who’s is it? and is he single??? Oh, and for the next one, you should fly me up 🙂




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