Worst joke, which isn’t even a joke, ever…

The previous post was a countdown to my sister’s arrival. Well, she’s in Costa Rica right now for a wedding, and she’ll still be arriving this Friday. Due to Jessica’s extreme lack of communication, she will not find out that i will not be seing her due to a last minute trip to LA. Yes, I’m going to LA to live a little!!! For about 6 days.

So, Jessica will get off the plane extremely happy to see me, and i will not be there. Cruel, cruel joke. But if she would only call from Costa Rica, she’d find out, and be prepared!

Anyway, I’ll be seeing her in NY June 11th, and then will be going back with her to Montreal, so she’ll have to get over this if she has a problem with it!

As for the countdown, it can continue for all my Miami readers that are awaiting her arrival:

Days left!!!!

Days left!!!!


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