Shhhh…trying to sneak back in…

Wow…Some might say i hated creative writing. I think i just got really creative with it and stopped.

Yeah…no… I’m back. I’ve missed this me.

Since I’ve been gone,  I went to LA (loved it), went to NY (really loved it), came back to Miami, stayed at Cheryl’s apt. in South Beach while she was in Aspen (cat-sitting and loved it!), went out with a few people here  and there (ehhh),  went to Venezuela to visit my grandmas and a few weddings and go out ( really really loved it), had my previous roomate Tia visit me 2 times (awesome!!! She’s in loooove. Really really really love that!) reunited with one of my best friends Fitu (it ruled), Did Basel- Miami (loooooved it), hit up NY yet again (not even gonna say it), and finally back to MIA for the holidaze and New Years! All in all, good peeps, good food, good drinks, good times…

Did i mention i quit smoking? and did a detox??? good stuff!!!

Here are some pics…and i’ll follow up with some samples of what i wrote  in my class…

It’s good to be back…(sigh)


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