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ny + brunch + david’s 29th + champagne + awesome friends + more food and champagne + ridiculous apt. – ME = not THAT much fun???i

When your best friend turns 29, and you are not there to witness it, the least i can do is blog about it. So here’s to David’s 29th Birthday!!!!

Of course i wasn’t there because it was in NY and being that i am unemployed, i do not have the luxury of escaping for the weekend to celebrate his birthday. Shitty for me. Not so shitty for me, he has a job that pays the bills and is actually flying in tomorrow!

Anyway, from what i have gathered off of facebook, David’s birthday was a messy, sloppy, candid, funny, loud, obnoxious, dirty, crazy,  good old time!!! LOOOOOVE IT… Even though i wasn’t there.

I compiled from a girl’s album the pictures i thought best depicted the event.

And just one complaint from me down here in sunny south Florida, why haven’t i been to that sick apartment? who’s is it? and is he single??? Oh, and for the next one, you should fly me up 🙂



Another one bites the dust…And a whole lot of crap i’ve been thinking about lately…

When 2 people decide to come together as one, all things are set aside. Roy, a very good friend from my childhood, from Caracas, Venezuela, Jewish, with Israeli background, and Mae, a gorgeous Colombian from Bogota raised Catholic, met a few years back in Miami. Over the years they have grown together in the most fluid way. While distant,  Mae fell in love with Roy and Judaism, as Roy fell in love with Mae. And no states in between would keep them apart. Both involved in the numbers world, realized no crazy math was  necessary for the 2 of them to be together for ever.  A simple sum of 1 plus 1.

Although I have lost 2 on my team, and who’s talking about me, I could not be happier that the 2 of them have truly found their soul mate!!!  Mae and Roy tied the knot on March 30th under Jewish law. The ceremony was spectacular. The bride glowed amongst the wedding party of all men, and the  groom shined as he saw his wife walking down the aisle.

Many people flew in from Colombia, Venezuela, NY, Boston, even Israel, to share this special day with 2 people that truly have always been there for their friends, let alone one another. No need to say that it was one of the best parties I’ve been to, most of the people there would agree I had a blast. But so did everyone else. People met knew people, danced together through the night, definitely exchanged kisses, and possibly even numbers.  One could say that the energy from Roy and Mae was so strong that people themselves couldn’t retain the love. Although much gossip came about all this, it really is amazing what the love that 2 people have for one another can do to you. We all seem to be looking for that one to share the rest of our lives with, but maybe even more when you are partaking in an others’ wedding day.

It’s amazing, at least in my case, how we come to a point where we know to a certain extent exactly what we want. These days on the dating scene, I’m no longer prolonging a relationship just to be in one. On that note, I’ve noticed, the guys I actually decide on are either unavailable or are just good for the time I need them, no hurt feelings of course.  And the ones that happen to be interested and some what interesting, I kick to the curb. Selfish, stupid,  I know, but at the same time, one could say that I might be having too much fun being single, and not ready to actually cross the fence myself. It seems easy to find a guy to kiss the night your best friends are getting married. Why not just do that then? Do we have something to lose?

Alcohol present, we grasp on to the idea of happiness for that one moment.  It becomes easy to lose touch of what we really want when there is someone of the opposite sex willing to play with you.  And unfortunately for some, the ones that actually have feelings involved, we  do the unimaginable, or act on what we promised we wouldn’t act on.  We give in. Why? For who? If what we want is soooo clear, why do we put it last? Is the game, really worth the medal? That being if you win?

Love really was in the air at Roy and Mae’s wedding!!! And no matter how  the night went for you,  in the end, in the real end, it will only smooth sail. Mazal Tov to Mae and Roy for tying the knot, and may all the ones on this side of the fence be as happy as the the bride and groom were on their night and will always be!


Thirty, Flirty, and Diamond Studs!

Turning 30 can be a scary thing for most women, for my friend Cheryl, it was perfect! Last weekend was Cheryl‘s 30th birthday and somehow we got away with surprising her. All she said she wanted was for what ever we did to be a surprise, meanwhile asking her sister Rebecca (my best friend from  high school), her friends, parents, and myself what we had planned. The girl finally learned, after  30 years, that she hates surprises. And we finally learned that we hate surprising her!

We started out a group of 13 of her closest friends, and parents at dinner in Scarpetta, a fabulous Italian restaurant at the famous Fontainebleu Hotel. The restaurant itself has a nautical theme, with very intriguing architectural details such as the cove lighting in the ceiling, and modern organic columns around the perimeter. The colors are very crisp white, beige, and blues. And seldom you will see very impressive mosaic tiled walls through out, that give the restaurant a sophisticated, classy, and vacationy feel to it. The food I found to be exquisite, and from what I heard, not terribly priced, unless of course you end up drinking like it’s your 30th birthday! 294005859209_0_albThey say diamond’s are a girl’s best friend, and for Cheryl, the jewelry 345074859209_0_albdesigner, this is true! She received for her birthday diamond stud earrings which will under the right lighting , blind you! They are stunning, and I’m happy to say that I’ll be modeling earrings from her collections, since I don’t think she’ll be able to take those studs off for a while!

The night followed in an unbelievable suite where we had about 20 more guests there to surprise her! Yes, she was surprised, and maybe even a little timid. But soon enough she got comfortable and it seemed the years were finally guiding her through the night. img_2275img_2284

We ended the night at Blade, which is a Japanese restaurant that later turns into the lounge by the pool. The weather was, yet again, perfect, the company fantastic, and Cheryl, happier then ever. I can honestly say, about 3 years away, that I hope to be as comfortable with where my life is by the time i’m 30, as Cheryl is. She was glowing, and not because of the earings, although i think they might have something to do with it. She was glowing because she is actually very happy in her own skin, doing the jewelry thing, taking pilates and hitting the gym. Hanging out with her dogs Chilli and Pepper and her cat Jello Kitty, and sharing this moment in her life with me, and the rest of the people there also!

The next day Cheryl, Rebecca, and I went to the pool at the Gansevoort and had lunch there. Cheryl promised that from that day forward, she was not going to be difficult! Thus far, it has been true!!! And the fact that she said it herself allows for us to call her out next time she is!!! Watch out Cheryl…Love you, and happy happy happy 30 years on this place called earth…









A “hit” turns into a “hit-on”

Just when you think your life sucks…a few reminders pop up saying that it doesn’t. Today, i went into my office to finish up a few things and parked my car at a meter on the street. When the time ran out, i went back down to buy some more. It just so happened that a guy was parking behind me and happen to hit my car. Unfortunately for him, i happened to be there to witness it.  No damages were done to my car, and the guy was very apologetic. I laughed it off and told him it was going to cost him my meter ticket. He said he’ll take the offer, and continued with “‘I’ll take your phone number too”. I responded “that one’s not so easy”, and he then commented that his girlfriend wouldn’t be too happy. After he bought my meter time, and countless apologies I went back up to work.

I later got a call from David, who happens to be in town for meetings, that he wanted to take the boat out! I left the office and found this on the windshield wiper of my car:


And that for sure turned my day around…

To follow, Me and David went out on the boat in a perfect Miami day. 78 degrees, not a cloud in the sky, and and a very calm sea. We parked the boat at the Key Biscayne Sandbar and soaked up the sun. It just doesn’t get better then this!


Hasta La Pasta…

For the past four and a half years I have had the pleasure and honor of working for Max Strang Architecture. Max, 38 years old from Winter Haven Florida, studied Architecture at University of Florida and later went on to receive his master’s from Columbia University. Having worked for Zaha Hadid and Shop Architects, he returned to Florida to dig into his roots for inspiration as he established his practice. Max was greatly influence by the modern movement created by the Sarasota School of Architecture. He grew up in a house designed by Gene Leedy and after having graduated from UF, interned with the man himself.  In his designs, he connects the natural and the man made through the use of local materials such as oolite and keystone. He adds to the palette natural woods to make the transition from earth to material less noticeable. Max also allows for the substance to play their role, as for concrete, he will make it a point to show you that it’s strong and most probably supporting a large portion of the structure. The same way, glass would be very delicate and as transparent as its true state. Very rarely does he cheat your eye. He tells the story like it is.
Extremely sad my time there has come to an end, at least for now, I want to pay homage to the time I was there. At Max’s office we had a family. It was a place where there were no secrets, lots of laughs, and most importantly a close team. Together we accomplished deadlines that were thought to be impossible, delivered drawings we didn’t think we could do, and accomplished a few projects that I hope Max can be proud of. I sure am!
With everything in his heart to make him an extraordinary architect, I have no doubt that Max Strang will accomplish everything he would like to and more. I hope we will get to work together again in the future, and that I aspire to be as true to myself and what lies ahead of me, as he is to his theories and practice of Architecture!

Here are a few images of Max’s work, and if you’re interested in consulting with him, talk to me so I can work with him again!!! Thanks…Rock House. Coconut Grove, FL



Latterner Residence. Coconut Grove, FL





Ohhh, the BREEZES

When 13 girls get together in the Bahamas, it means nothing but good good times!!!!

Last weekend we celebrated 2 Bachelorettes in Nassau and I reunited with 8 of my girlfriends from high-school. Due to such a high number of people, and a terrible terrible recession, we chose the Breezes as our destination. Not the kind of place you want your parents to go to, but definitely the spot for a Bachelorette, especially if you are there to make the best of it no matter what.

The breezes is your typical all inclusive resort that was built years before we were born, with your cheapest vodka on call, and food that tastes really good when your starving. It’s that place that has a wrestling contest in the middle of the day, trapeze classes from 3 to 5, and captain Ron offering scooba diving for free on his boat the Ninja (well, only cause you already paid for it).

All in all, the Breezes was perfect. We celebrated the bachelorettes the 24 hours of the day. Between food and sun and drinks and dares, and more food and sun and clubs and drinks again of course, we barely had time to rest.

Although most of the girls live in NY and keeping contact with them has been tough through the years, it was as if we saw each other yesterday. And some things never change, we laughed at one another as well as with each other. We brought back old memories, immersed in conversations of life experiences, that though each have their own case, are very similar none-the-less, and even learned more about each other then we expected. While our trip planner, Amanda, brought a shirt to match the drapes, Nicole according to ‘Dan’ wore an extremely oversized shirt for her body, Megan’s feet inflated due to too much sun, and Candice made D’Funk, the entertainer, fall in love with her, I had Halls. You see, last week I was laid off from my job, and the only thing I seemed to grab from my desk was a bag of halls. I guess it’s true what they say, It is the little things, but that’ll be for another post!


We truly had an amazing weekend. We are so fortunate to have each other. Some that are going through the same as you, some that already did and have insight, some that are there to just make you laugh. Some that you know will be looking for you, while you decide to go make-out with a boy. Somehow, exactly who you needed was on that trip, and it made it all the better.

Of course we complained when it was ‘breezy’ while laying out, when the cheap vodka after a day and a half tasted disgusting, and when we had to collect 5 bucks from each one of us for the cab ride to Atlantis just to see the prettier people in town. But looking back, not a single complaint is to be made. All the pros and cons of the trip itself, made the weekend a very memorable moment. Personally, it couldn’t have come at a better time for me! And I will definitely see that weekend, as one more push in this bump that I’m on!!! And for the next drink I have, which hopefully will be a few days, I send JENn GHERSI love to all the girls on that trip!